Advantages of Using React JS for Developing Modern Web Apps

If you’re new to React.js and haven’t explored all the Advantages of Using React.js, you’re missing out. In this article I will explain why using React.js is so good for the modern web.

This technology is born in this new era, at this time JavaScript is most popular. JavaScript is very popular because it is a dynamic programming language, enabling the use of JavaScript for most applications. What JavaScript is today, is mainly a scripting language that works well for websites.

Here Are Some Advantages of Using React.js in 2020

  • JavaScript is powerful and flexible, but it is also very limited when it comes to supporting large interactive applications. It cannot easily support large modules, or complex data binding (which are critical to the modern web).
  • JavaScript is also very difficult to learn. In order to be truly efficient, React.js must be used for applications that are used frequently, but its modules tend to be quite complex. It can also be difficult to maintain a large application if one does not know JavaScript.
  • The other thing about JavaScript is that it has had a difficult time keeping up with the latest web standards. JavaScript is not always compatible with the current version of the browser, or on certain devices.

Features of React.js

JavaScript is very good at developing dynamic scripts but it has been unable to cope with new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. HTML5 and CSS3 add a new level of interactivity to the web, making it more than just a text-based application. They have enabled websites to take advantage of the advances in mobile computing technology.

The other key feature or Advantages of Using React.js is its ease of use. Any developer can quickly get up to speed using it, compared to other technologies like Java and JSP. It is a simple language to learn and makes developing applications as simple as possible. React.js even helps to reduce error rates, with its type system.

It also supports many browsers including internet explorer and can be integrated with the DOM for much better performance. Of course, it still supports older browsers too. Many things that could potentially make a program less reliable is avoiding in React.js.

JavaScript also has an interface that is very easy to work with. The code is written very clearly, giving a developer a clear view of what he is trying to achieve. Even though it is not a true object-oriented language, the new architecture which enables the construction of view components with data bindings makes it very easy to use.

As well as this, the concepts are completely backward compatible making it ideal for developing new ways of interacting with the user. As the web evolves, the Advantages of Using React.js will become the most useful thing for developers. Eventually, it will replace Java and possibly even go on to be used by every computer programmer.


If you have an interest in exploring functional programming, this might be your best bet. Functional programming is just a way of writing functions, which function together, without mutating the state. Functional programming can be put in use for extremely dynamic programs.

So there you have the Advantages of Using React.js. It was the right choice for me for almost all my apps. This is probably why so many people I know are switching to React and some of them are now creating super apps with it.