Optimize your Google Ranking – Tools and Techniques

Google figure out which sites are the most valuable and applicable by utilizing a mind-boggling calculation. Using a complex algorithm based on keywords, website algorithm, article research (articles are relevant or not), Google Ranks those websites. In sort this Google Ranking.

Working with SEO website content, you are bound to come across Google Ranking at some point in time. Simply put, Google Ranking represents links to be like votes. It also recognizes that some votes are more important than others.

Due to the continuous growth of mobile use, voice search is becoming increasingly popular. This includes using search methods that are similar to how a human would inquire while speaking. Another popular way to attract traffic and increase your Google ranking, websites can feature snippets that occupy the top position of the SERP space with a box that contains a brief answer to the query and a link to the source for more information. This is known to be a perfect opportunity for better visibility and the perks that come with it.

Tools for Google Ranking

  1. DYNO Mapper

This is a visual sitemap generator as well as a keyword tracking tool; both highly effective tools for google ranking. After generating a simple sitemap of your website, this tool will use its keyword tracker to automatically pull any keywords used in the meta of your site. The user then has the option of tracking separate keywords or phrases by search engine and location.

  1. SEO Profiler

Unlike many available tools in the market, SEO Profiler provides much more than just keyword tracking. It is incredibly easy to use with an effective user interface and integrates Google Analytics in addition to a few other functions.

  1. SEMrush

Since it doesn’t differentiate between your site and those of competitors, SEMrush is a popular tool among users. Alongside other features, the most distinct one is how it provides specific suggestions for improving your site and its Google Ranking.

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