Privacy Policy

Privacy & Policy

All of our warranties/guarantees become null and void, no refund or request for a refund will be entertained under the following circumstances
If the content is deleted from social media website either at user end or by social media website due to any reason
If the content violates terms and conditions, the privacy policy of social media website
If any other content on the same channel or page falls in the category that violates any of policy regarding graphical violence and channel is being forcefully closed by social media website
If a user is violating terms and conditions of payment channels, the bank in any sense and his / her account is suspended.
If a user is buying a social media promotional product from multiple websites for same content or in the past one has done the same, in case of any drop or any harmful effect to content, no request for refill or refund will be entertained in this regard
If a user submits a dispute on payment channel/bank without intimating us in written 15 business days prior to do that, the account will be suspended on a permanent basis and no service shall be offered in future, furthermore, warranty claim on previously purchased products by the same buyer will also stand null and void
If a user accesses our website through a proxy server and attempts for a scam or act likely to be a scam Responsibility of Seller

Data Confidentiality

We, being a seller are bound to keep following data of our user confidential and not to share to any
external party unless required by law to do so

  • Personal Identity Information
  • Contact Information
  • Address Information
  • Health Information
  • Financial Statements
  • Any other information that a user has only disclosed to us

 Creation of New Account (For 1st time/fresh user)

a. A user is required to create an account on the website so he/she will be able to buy a product in the future. A verification link shall be sent to user’s email verifying credentials and after verifying the same, an account will be created and the user will allow proceeding further

Account and Login information

  • A user is required not to disclose login information i.e. User Name, password and email or any other information due to security reasons.
  •  A user is required to login from original IP address and avoids using proxy servers or software to hide system IP or to create scam accounts on the website, as it will create ambiguity and account shall be suspended without any further intimation
  •  A user is required to create only one account at a time as multiple accounts from same IP may create ambiguity