Best Video Editing Software For YouTube Beginners

Looking out for a video editing software that can edit your video to post on youtube? Well! This question is one of the most asked and searched problems. It confuses a lot of creators who are beginners. There are plenty of video editing apps available on the play store. You can choose any one of them, or you can, experiment with all of them and come up with one you want the most. Still confused?? We are here to tell you to step by step tricks that will help you to edit your youtube videos to get the best picture quality. Let us get into details without any further delay.

Finding the best video editing software

Anybody can make a fantastic video rapidly and without any problem. You need to locate the correct application for it. With regard to video editing, there are endless alternatives. It’s beneficial, but at the same time, it is very tedious work to find the correct one from them. One of the primary issues with some video applications is that it’s excessively complex for the requirements of a regular user. Finding beginner-friendly software is a need. You’ll need to look at different angles, for example, the similarity with your working framework, value, highlights, and support. Here is a list of software that is free for use or paid 


Likewise, with most iProducts, they’re moderately simple to use and accompany only enough utilities and features. It’s a genuinely incredible package where anybody with a Mac can gain proficiency with the basics of video editing. iMovie is simple to use drag and drop features, and it’s incredibly intuitive. However, there is just so much you can do with this software. 


The full interface of the free video editing iMovie for Mac 


Pros of iMovie

  • It is a unique program package for Mac clients to figure out how to edit a video. 
  • Its highlights are effortless to use. 
  • 4k/60fps Video Recording with the Sony IMX377 Image Sensor catching great video in full High Definition (HD) 12MP pictures. 

Cons of iMovie

  • Accessible just on Mac. 
  • The product has restricted features. 
  • Slow rendering time. 

Windows Movie Maker 

Windows Movie Maker is a mobile application that accompanies Windows. It is simple to use and a fundamental piece of software that permits an individual to include different background music, effects, titles, and transitions to their videos. It has made considerable progress since it was first released. 

Features of the free video editing software Movie Maker for Windows 

Pros of Window Movie Maker

  • It’s a framework application that comes standard with Windows 7, 8. 
  • Simple to use for including clips. 
  • Has all the essential functions like slow motion, speed-up, trimming, video playback

Cons of Window Movie Maker

  • Just accessible on the Windows 7 and 8 stage. 
  • Restricted functions and features. 
  • Windows 10 no longer supports Movie Maker. For the OS, you need to get Movie Moments from the store. 
  • This application will restrict individuals experienced in video editing.
  • Empowers the user to edit and capture feed direct for the PC camera. 

Final Cut Pro

A fantastic application for beginners wanting to figure out how to do some video editing before going into a more complicated application.

Final Cut Pro: Professional Video Editing Software on Mac 

Final Cut Pro youtube video maker 

This video editing software is well known for its top of the line video editing abilities on Mac, and the business’ driving professionals often use it on demanding projects. Final Cut Pro is intended for non-linear and non-destructive video editing, and it offers s that equipment that makes working with a lot of videos, sound, and image files simpler. The ongoing versions of the software offer help for 4K and 5K videos, while the 360-degree video editing is additionally a choice that is accessible to the video editor’s users. 

A short glance at the list of features. Final Cut Pro will leave you wondering whether there is anything this software can’t do. That is the reason why YouTube video producers can profit by editing their videos in Final Cut Pro, one of the best video editing software for Mac ever made. 

Platform: Mac 


  • It is helpful to use for YouTubers 
  • You will get updates usually. If you would prefer not to refresh, you can turn it off. 
  • Cons: 
  • It supports just the Mac operating system. 

Cost: $299.99, free trial accessible


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