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Your page would still be useless even with a thousand likes on it if all your status has no likes on it. This may even make your page look bad since having a small number of likes on your status would make you look uninteresting. This may even cause the viewers of your page to think that you’re faking things up since page likes and most of your status likes don’t add up. Having a small number of likes could interfere with upcoming new followers since they may think that your status and posts are all useless and uninteresting. If you want to fix this then try to buy Facebook status likes.

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You can make any status go viral. Remember that Facebook is all about popularity. The numbers will show everyone who’s famous. More likes mean more attention, more shares and thus more effectiveness in terms of the post’s purpose. Normally, the purpose of posting is to share and reach as many people as possible. If you want to promote your business, a project, an organization, a group or you just want to promote yourself: You need likes. Not just on your page, but on every status and updates that you post. In order to attract more followers or to make your page complete and real, buy Facebook status likes.

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Facebook users won’t ignore posts with thousands of likes, especially if there are thousands of comments on it too and since your page’s name would appear on the post, there is a bigger chance for Facebook users to stumble upon your page thus promoting your other posts. It’s a good way to market products or services if you’re using a business’s Facebook page. It’s also a good way of increasing customer awareness. Buy Facebook Likes.

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Since people often spend more time on social media rather than watching TVs. Using Facebook as a platform for promoting your product is better than paying a huge amount of cash on TV commercials. It’s easy; the first thing to do is to set up a Facebook page. The next thing should be gathering followers or likers. Having more likes, shares and page followers will increase the number of people who are aware of your post. It’s hard to gather likes and followers to like your status since there are thousands of other pages out there. If you want to be noticed, then you should start with nothing. Buy Facebook status likes and help your statuses and your whole page in gaining more viewers, followers, and likers. As you gather more followers, the total number of page and post views should increase constantly. This will eventually lead to more sales. This method may not be cheap since buying likes uses real money but it’s the most effective method out there.