How to Import and Export WordPress Users

If you want to easily import and export WordPress users from one web page to another, merging various sites could be helpful to you as this will automatically move all your users to the new site.

, and we’ll also show you how the import-export process works for WooCommerce customers.

Here are some reasons to import and export users in WordPress:


When and why:

There are many cases of importing and exporting WordPress users, and the most common ones are the following:

  • When you buy a website and want to unite the content and user base.
  • When you want to combine two sites and join their content and user base.
  • When you want to ship consumer information into an email list your CRM.

Run a website where everyone can participate or a WooCommerce store. You should keep all your customer information safe and allow your customers a flawless login experience on the new website as well.

So, let’s know some facts about how to ship in and out users easily from one WordPress website to another or move WooCommerce consumers from one place to another.


Exporting Users in WordPress:

Here are some basic steps to guide you through the process:

  • The first step to export users is to activate and install the Import and export consumers plugin.
  • After you have activated the plugin, then visit Tools and the export-import customer page in the admin area of WordPress and go to the Export tab.
  • Now, you can select which consumers you want to export. For example, you can choose a user role and export your WooCommerce users, consumers from the membership plugin, or all users.
  • You can also filter consumers by date, which means you can choose consumers made at a specific time.
  • Click on the download button, and the plugin will install a CSV file to your PC.

Comma Separated Values (CSV) is a file format that lets you store information with fields split up by commas. You can open these documents on any platform or software like Microsoft Excel etc.


Importing WordPress Users:

The plugin makes it simple to transport the users back to the same site or a different website. If you are transporting the users to various other WordPress websites, you’ll need to download the plugin on that website.

There are some basic steps to import users:

  • After installing the plugin, go to the Tool setting, you will find a page of import and export users where you will switch to the import tab.
  • Then, click on the Choose File button to choose the CSV document you downloaded earlier.
  • You can configure the plugin features below the file settings to fulfill your requirements. For instance, you can import only consumers with specific user roles, think about what to do with empty data files, send emails to consumers with a login link and their other information, and more.
  • Click on the Start Importing setting once you are done reviewing the above options.
  • The plugin will start transporting WordPress users and will give you a list of consumers imported.
  • Finally, go to the ‘All Users’ page to see the list of imported consumers.


Sending Emails to imported users:

If you are moving consumer accounts, you may have to inform them about the swap by sending them an email. The plugin can also send the Email during the import, but you may have to swap the Email with your message. So to change the Email, go to the ‘Tools’ option and the import and export consumers page and click on the Mail option tab. Then, the plugin sends the login database to the consumers in the Email. You can give your message here by offering consumers more information about why they see your mail.



You have to be confident about your website and check whether it can send email notifications. If you have many users or customers, then the plugin will not deliver the messages. Therefore, we recommend trying the WP Mail SMTP plugin to make sure of complete delivery services. For more information, you can take help from our website to fix the email issues on WordPress.

There are various guides on our website that will recommend how to control user activity in WordPress, and the security guide will keep your site safe. We hope you have got all the helpful information on easily importing and exporting WordPress customers and WooCommerce users.