Online business keeps on setting year-over-year records in 2020. And the demand for WooCommerce vs. Shopify vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce has increased drastically.

The ACI Worldwide Research as of late reported that worldwide eCommerce retail deals had arrived at 209% year-over-year income development. Kount’s ongoing eCommerce Trends, Spring 2020 Report, further expresses that equivalent day or following day delivery has gone up by 237% in mid-March this year, and crested again in April, up 305% contrasted with the exact week in the year 2019.

How COVID-19 Accelerated E-Commerce Growth 

This development pattern is essentially in light of the fact that a large number of shoppers overall are indicating new web-based purchasing propensities this year. Home isolates have made individuals hesitant to visit shopping centers and stores because of a paranoid fear of getting tainted. Numerous families have considered supplanting their customary store visits with internet shopping until an antibody for COVID 19 is accessible. There has been a 110% year-over-year increment in eCommerce orders in the only us, as indicated by COVID-19 Commerce Insight.

Unquestionably, internet shopping is quick turning into the main similarity to customary trade, and obviously, a virtual help for some. Individuals are moving to online buys in any event, for certain staple things that specialists disclose to us the majority of us never requested on the web.

Numerous families are not ready to return to physical stores for the following a half year to one year in the wake of the COVID 19 episode. They’re persuaded to go to advanced alternatives like never before. This social change is probably going to affect long haul comportment.

Seeing this developing inclination for online shops over physical stores, numerous organizations have begun propelling their
and online commercial centers.

Also, online shops are a lot simpler to keep up than physical stores that include extra spaces, protections, and rents, in addition to other things. This, as well, driven a few organizations to use vigorous eCommerce to make your online shops.

Likewise, moment delight is what’s drawing in customers to shop on the web. Also, organizations are utilizing the intensity of eCommerce advancements like WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to gain by this chance.

Here’s a quick lowdown of each of WooCommerce vs. Shopify vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce technologies and their key features that lead companies to use them to power their online marketplaces.


WooCommerce is a WordPress module used to control around 41% of the all out number of online shops all inclusive.

At present, WooCommerce has in excess of 3 million dynamic introduces.

We should discuss why WooCommerce is such a triumph.

  • Practical: The most noteworthy advantage of WooCommerce is that you can without much of a stretch download it in the WordPress registry. In spite of the fact that you may need to pay for a couple of cutting edge highlights, a large portion of the expansions is sensibly estimated.
  • Simple to Set Up: After you download, introduce, and enact WooCommerce, a wizard will assist you with setting it up. You can make and deal with every one of your items easily after you’re finished with the set-up.
  • Adaptable: WooCommerce is a designer inviting. There are a large number of opportunities for customizations since it incorporates with most topics.
  • Highlight Rich: It accompanies numerous highlights and different choices for delivery, item varieties, installment doors, and coupons.
  • Complete Ownership: With WooCommerce, you can have full proprietorship and control of your WordPress site. This encourages you to monitor what’s going on your site. Also, you can generally take your information with you on the off chance that you choose to change facilitating suppliers.

Much the same as whatever else, even WooCommerce isn’t without constraints. Following are a couple of them:

  • WordPress Dependent: WooCommerce isn’t autonomous programming, yet a WordPress module, which expects you to be comfortable with WordPress to utilize it to its maximum capacity.
  • Specialty Skills Required for Customizations: Only those with top to bottom plan aptitudes can make progressed customizations with WooCommerce.
  • Extreme Expense is Difficult to Foresee: Successfully running a WooCommerce site requires included costs for facilitating, security, and upkeep. Accordingly, it’s trying to keep a note of the specific costs expected to utilize WooCommerce.

In spite of the fact that taking care of WooCommerce locales may be a smidgen hard for the less experienced ones, nothing is outlandish with a little exertion and preparing. WooCommerce is extraordinary for merchants who are eager to take unlimited oversight and responsibility for adventure.


With more than 275,000 sellers on Shopify, it is one of the most well known eCommerce arrangements due to the accompanying focuses:

  • An assortment of Features: Shopify is a paid assistance and accompanies a wide scope of highlights. In view of your arrangement, you can appreciate highlights like printable solicitations, investigation, shopping basket recuperation, and gift vouchers.
  • Versatile Friendly: Shopify accompanies numerous portable responsive subjects, which is an extraordinary preferred position, particularly when versatile trade is on the ascent. You can likewise coordinate Facebook courier in Shopify to make online buys considerably more helpful.
  • Simple to Customize: Almost everything in Shopify can be exceptionally fabricated by means of the UI, including the plan. This permits you to see all the progressions before making them live.

Despite the fact that Shopify permits organizations to make an online shop in a split second, many despite everything reevaluate utilizing this eCommerce innovation on the grounds that:

  • Shopify is Expensive: Although you get a free preliminary, Shopify’s least expensive arrangement expects you to go through $29 consistently. You have to burn through cash on subjects also.
  • Customization is Difficult: As far as customization is concerned, you have to go into Shopify’s codebase in the event that you need to code your topic.

All things considered, Shopify encourages you begin rapidly. In the event that you are only a learner hoping to equip your startup adventure, Shopify is ideal for you.


Magento is an open-source stage that you can introduce on your worker. It is ideal for huge scope tasks, and it’s significantly more specialized contrasted with WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

How about we look at a portion of the basic preferences of utilizing Magento:

  • Free: Although Magento has an Enterprise Version, which accompanies a robust sticker price of $17,000 every year, there is a Community Edition also, which is accessible to everyone for nothing.
  • Outsider Integrations: Magento accompanies its own restrictive arrangement of augmentations, comprising of coordinated pamphlet showcasing, stock administration devices, and item packages.
  • Versatile: Magento is great for dealing with tasks of huge scopes. It can oversee a huge number of items at a given point in time.

Despite the fact that Magento is a huge scope arrangement, one of its essential restrictions is that:

  • Magento isn’t for Beginners: Only the pros or those with profound specialized ability can utilize Magento. It isn’t for easygoing clients.

To summarize, Magento is a very good quality eCommerce arrangement that is entirely reasonable for organizations, coders, and business people with a major spending plan.


With BigCommerce, everything you require to do is join and structure your shop. BigCommerce will deal with the remainder of it out of sight.

It controls more than 95,000 live locales in around 150 nations. Here’s a brief glance at why this eCommerce arrangement is a productive one for organizations:

  • Promoting and SEO: BigCommerce has its alternatives to set meta depictions and page titles. It coordinates with Google shopping that lets you run advertising efforts, deals, and advancements.
  • Clean UI: BigCommerce tells the truth UI. Designers exceptionally lean toward its interface in light of its uniqueness and moderation.
  • Broad Payment Options: BigCommerce has more than 60 installment door choices. You can acknowledge and make installments straightforwardly through your BigCommerce store, rather than relying upon outsider administrations.

Two fundamental troubles that organizations face while utilizing BigCommerce are:

  • Exorbitant Plans: There is a star plan where you have to pay $199.95 every month, except after you hit 3000 deals on the stage, you have to pay an additional sum for each extra 1000 deals you hit. This can prompt an expensive issue.
  • Absence of Control: You can never oversee a BigCommerce site since you can’t have it on your worker. Your information gets recorded and put away on another person’s PC constantly.

Basically, BigCommerce is brilliant for little and medium-sized organizations, and you can set it up in minutes. In any case, its expensive valuing strategy in some cases turns into a matter of worry for organizations dealing with a little spending plan.


The above advancements can assist organizations with making the absolute generally shocking and great eStores and commercial centers. Consequently, most organizations are taking advantage of the capability of WooCommerce vs. Shopify vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce stages to carefully redesign themselves, particularly now, when eCommerce has seen a portion of its exceptional pinnacles.

Today, there is a desperation to digitize the retail space to meet the ever-developing needs of a socially-inaccessible society.

Organizations are attempting to recover their clients’ trust by utilizing eCommerce arrangements like Magento and Shopify that assurance returns in this unpredictable market.

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