Importance of Page Navigation:

Page navigation is nothing new when we talk about different websites which are specifically creating content through which the reader can have a complete idea of the topic by clicking to the page navigation HTML, which is anchored with certain specific words.  Page navigation is very important in terms of providing your viewer/reader a complete understanding of the topic you are writing about. The topic can be anything ranging from a review about a product or literally anything. In page navigation design a specific strategy is made by giving the page navigation HTML at the required places. When you will click to the given page navigation HTML you will reach to the navigation site. And that will obviously contain elaborated and complete information about what you actually into.

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Following are some reasons which highlight the importance of Page navigation:

To The Point Approach:

Page navigation provides you with to the point approach as it will navigate you directly to the page where the rest of the information about the topic you are discussing lies. To be precise and to be on point is something which the basic requirement while writing about anything.  To be more precise and comprehensive you can make a strategy for page navigation design, which will help you to provide concise and compact information to your reader as you are navigating your reader directly to the place where he should be and by doing that you are saving him from doing a lot of effort.

The Obvious Increase In Traffic:

You can generate reasonably increase traffic with the help of  Page navigation design. All you need to do is that select the page you want to increase the traffic off and navigate it using different strategies. For example, you have to keep in mind that the content you are writing should be compelling for the reader to open the page you are navigating to.

The Psychological Position Effect:

Different researches have described that a person tends to pay more attention to and retain information to the things which appear at the beginning or the end of the body. That means, most of the readers generally ignore the body matter. So that you should insert page navigation HTML in the beginning or at the end ideally. However, there is not the hard and fast rule about it.

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Overall Designing Strategy:

It is important to follow a proper format in which you are inserting page navigation HTML.
Because on the top or at the end of the article there are the navigation pages. A designer never appreciates Navigation bars in the middle as they are difficult for the user to locate. And therefore a particular designing strategy for navigation pages is a must to achieve the goals.  And to make it easy for the user to approach these pages.

In general, good navigation is an excellent strategy to boost page visits and website design. So keeps some thumb rules in mind while page navigation and you are good to go.

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